SIN-MIN is a Horchata infused lip spread made from all natural and organic ingredients, and it is the bomb! From the moment i saw this product, i had to get my hands....errr i mean lips, on it! When i got my little love package from SIN-MIN....Bing! I noticed they are made in California, right around the corner from my beloved hometown! I fell deeper in love...
So- if you are not familiar with Horchata (a confusion better known as: being late to the fiesta), let me clue you in! It's basically a Mexican beverage that is made with rice, vanilla, and cinnamon- oh, and it's damn good! This lip spread is horchata infused and is essentially cinnamon-y perfection that makes your lips tingly, and your make-out sessions hotter (not that i would have any idea...) SIN-MIN is a crowd pleaser, but they are not all about just tasting good... they are a socially and environmentally conscious organization too. Using only conscious ingredients and packaging materials. So you can look good, smell good, and feel good about it! 
If you love cinnamon, and the beach, and the planet... this may be the lip spread for you.
(ingredients listed below this post, for allergies purposes)

SIN-MIN Horchata Lipspread is created with all natural and organic ingredients. Includes: beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, our secret horchata flavor extract, cinnamon, and honey. 


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