Aloha! These are a few products that i use on a daily to weekly basis. Granted, the facial products may not work with every skin type - but here are some reasons why i love these brands and what they are putting out there! Hope this detailed review helps you look in the mirror and love what you see. Feel free to drop comments below- if you have any products that are worth trying out or if you have fallen for one of these!
These towelettes are great for on-the-go, and are also perfect for travel! They essentially provide a make-up remover, cleanser and toner (all in one)! This product is hypo-allergenic, alcohol free, residue free, and there is NO animal testing (major + for me!) These towelettes smell like pineapples and i love it!
This mask is a must-have!! It contains activated charcoal that acts as a magnet and draws out impurities from skin. I use this mask at least every 2 weeks, and it works a charm. This product is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and GMO's. Also, All Origins products are CRUELTY FREE!
I do not travel without this little magic roller! Essentially, this roller has a small metal roller ball that eases gel under your eyes. The gel itself feels cold and has yeast extract that de-puffs your under-eyes and visibly makes you look more awake! It feels cold and soothing and works wonders after a long plane ride (it comes in a travel sized container: too perfect, right?) Like all Origins products, it is cruelty free!
Personally, i use this product 2 or 3 times a week! after i wash my face, and use my alba toner, i apply this as i would a moisturizer and it soaks into my skin over night! It hydrates skin and prevents premature aging. This product is best for dry skin, but i use it casually! Again- it is cruelty free and natural. 
I am a total LUSH advocate and this is one of my all time favorite products, it smells like the sea ! This product can be used on face and body, and is not meant for extremely sensitive skin, as it is quite the exfoliant. I use this maybe once a week, and it still does so much. This scrub includes coconut cream, sea salt, lime, vodka, avocado and a slew of all natural extracts and ingredients and 100% safe synthetics. LUSH does absolutely no animal testing, and even goes the extra mile to buys their ingredients from no cruelty facilities. They also buy ethically and are extremely charitable. 
This exfoliant is on the mellow side, and can be used daily. It has a pasty texture, and the smell is delicious like fruit! It gives skin a youthful glow and leaves it polished smelling yummy!(cruelty free)
This frothy cleaners is extremely refreshing and leaves your face with a very clean feeling. Checks and balances was one of the first products that i purchased from Origins and i am still hooked on it, about 2 years later. It really does wonders and is extremely aromatic and silky. It includes a mixture of Bergamont, Spearmint and Lavender, and has a very silky texture. (must have + use daily)
This facial exfoliant is referred to on the Origins website as "Natures gentle dermabrasion" and i couldn't agree more. I use this intermittently with the checks and balances cleanser, and it is also a must-have. This works great on sun-spot and exfoliates them away naturally with rice starch and thick cream. It feels like a luxurious dermabrasion but: NO chemicals, ten times cheaper, and you get to do it in your own home. What could be better? (cruelty free)
I use this toner once a day (sometimes twice). After washing my face, i blot a cotton ball with toner and run it all over my face- and it completely removes excess impurities... the truth is on the cotton ball (a.k.a you can see it). This toner balances skin pH and removes excess dead skin, dirt and oil. This product is also 100% vegetarian and there in absolutely NO animal testing! This toner has aloe vera to cool and purify, and contains extracts from hibiscus, honeysuckle,  passion flower and guava. This product should be in every honeygirl's skin care army! (must have)
This oil has a multitude of purposes. It helps replenish moisture in skin (entire body) and may be used during pregnancy or weight loss to fight against the appearance of stretch marks. It smells absolutely delicious like marzipan. i use it post-shower everyday on my body after i dry off, and it hydrates my skin beautifully. I also use raw virgin coconut oil and interchange the two. This oil is great, and will leave your skin glowing, especially after a long day in the salt water !
This lip scrub is a go-to! It smells delicious and is completely edible. It makes your lips tingle, and completely scrubs away dry cracked skin, leaving your pout soft and minty smelling. The base of this scrub is sugar and peppermint and is 100% spot-on! This is a must-have for any type of girl. (cruelty free and all natural)
The Gin-Zing moisturizer by Origins is great for brightening skin, and making it glow. It hydrates your face and is oil free, and acts as a 'skin energy drink' as Origins calls it. I whole-heartedly love this moisturizer and recommend it to anyone who needs some serious brightening, or is feeling a little dull. It is also great because it adds moisture without excess oil. (cruelty free + all natural)
Acne spots for me are extremely rare, but that doesn't mean they don't happen... especially around finals week and midterms, when stress levels are through the roof. Here is my little trick... emphasis on little, because this bottle is tiny. The Origins super spot remover works wonders on small breakouts and clears them up within days, or brings them to the surface over night. I use this product a few times a month, when i feel the need and it definitely does its job. While the bottle is tiny- it can legitimately last years, depending on how much you use it. The scent of this spot remover is slightly strong compared to the scents of their other products and also has a tingly sensation -which reminds me that it must be doing something! This product is 100% essential to treat stubborn and random breakouts. (cruelty free + natural)


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