Farmers' Markets are all over, especially in Hawaii- where supporting local is crucial for keeping money circulating to farmers and small business owners alike. This year I began exploring local farmers' markets, and have become a weekly attendee. Hawaii is home to a unique mecca of (what is consider in continental United States as) 'exotic' fruits. Most larger farmers' markets on the island of O'ahu are laced with fresh fruits, such as: lili'koi (passion fruit), guava, rambutan, lychee, mangosteen, mamey sapote, and many more! Homemade products like butters, jellies and jams also make many appearances at local vendor booths. My personal favorite farmers' market buys (from the the KCC Farmer's market on O'ahu) are: exotic fruits, mini fragrant orchids, fresh cut sunflowers, Waimanalo Country Farm lemonade (comes in a mason jar with a cheaper refill price!), chocolate dipped local apple bananas coated in mac nuts, and fried green tomatoes. The farmers' market is the best way to kick off the weekend and stock up on fresh and local produce for the week ahead. The KCC farmers' market  runs on Saturdays at the KCC campus from 7:30-11 a.m and is an absolute must. 

Search for local farmers' market appearances in your neighborhood, you won't be disappointed!
Freshly half-peeled Rambutans to eat on the way to the beach!

My saturday farmers' market purchases and me. (Overalls and sweater by Free People)
Mini fragrant orchid, Waimanalo lemonade, and choc dipped/mac covered local apple bananas!

Lili'koi and Rambutan
Deep friend green tomatoes! (yum)
Up close and personal with my deep-fried green tomatoes


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